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The year 2021 looks promising for the OD4D initiative as the network continues to strengthen regional and global open data ecosystems across the world in order to spur social change, increase government transparency, and support the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

The issue of gender comes into even sharper focus of the third phase of OD4D. The initiative expects to make a lasting contribution to inclusive governance, gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls, all the while supporting cross-cutting issues of climate action and inclusive growth.

Driving inclusion across the OD4D Network

The overall scale of the OD4D network…

Over the past several years, the benefits of open data for the private sector have become more and more evident. Private-sector companies are using open data to improve their operations, launch new products and services, and innovate in many ways that have economic benefits. At the same time, it’s now clear that private-sector companies can make a great contribution to the open data ecosystem by sharing their own datasets. But despite the potential in both directions, there are still gaps between government open data providers, open data advocates, and businesses with common interests in data.

My organization, the Center for…

The partnership will help advance the open data efforts in more than 60 OGP countries that have committed to implement ambitious open data principles.

Since the creation of the Open Government Partnership, Open Data commitments have been at the core of open government initiatives aiming to empowering government and civil society reformers to improve public services, reduce corruption, and harness technology to make government more efficient. The OGP 16 Paris Declaration recognizes that the increased availability of data is transforming the way citizens and governments interact, and is creating new opportunities for participation, responsiveness, and ongoing dialogue.

At a time…

Next week, hundreds of policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and technologists will be gathering in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the fifth International Open Data Conference. Under the banner, ‘The Future is Open’, the conference and it’s many fringe events will share learning, explore ideas, and plan actions that can move work on open data forward over the coming years.

To support those discussions, we’ve been preparing public drafts of many of the State of Open Data chapters (ahead of the full book being published in early 2019), and we’ve pulled out key points for quick reading.

For chapters that are still under…

Thanks for all those who joined us at the Consultation on Feminist Open Government Research (Open Gov Week)!

The consultation was held on May 9, 2018, and moderated by Portia Taylor of the Government of Canada and Mor Rubinstein of Open Heroines, began by setting expectations:

  • Share the context and background of Gender Equality in the OGP
  • Define our current framing of Feminist Open Government and planned activities
  • Listen to your priorities and ideas to shape better inclusion, future research and activities

This consultation is the first in a series of planned in-person and online consultations…

The Edo AgriHub team engaged local communities in the data collection process.

By: Gillian Whitworth, Open Data Institute (ODI)

The context

Farming provides a significant source of revenue for the population of Edo State in Nigeria, and the state government prioritises the growth and sustainability to this sector. However, government policy-makers require accurate information to make informed policies that create a thriving business environment. Similarly, investors need the right data to facilitate their investment in farmers and agricultural companies. Consequently, the lack of verifiable and granular data to bridge this information gap limits the activities of key stakeholders and reduces…

Open Data for Development (OD4D)

The leading open data partnership around the world, leading data innovation for good. Hosted @IDRC_CRDI, co-funded by @CanDev and @HewlettFoundation

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